NanoSuction Material, Stay Steady In Any Situation
Lauco is small in size compare with other car mounts you used, but powerful out of your image. The adhesive face adopted Germany technology of nanosuction that can tightly "grip" your phone with the power of millions of miniature suction cups. It sticks to your phone firmly in even the worst road condition, and with no residue left. Either a sudden turn, a braking, or even in cross country condition, Lauco stays steady by your side.
The Ultimate Car Mount For You
  • Steady
  • No extra plate required
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible angle
  • High temperature 70°
  • 720°rotation
Farewell to Metal Plate
Nano doesn't require any metal plate to attach in your phone. Keeps your phone in a better looking and way convenient use. It is reusable, washable and can work on any smooth surface, including wood, metal, marble, tile, glass, and painted walls.
  • Wood
  • Marbel
  • Bamboo
  • Tile
  • Metal
  • Leather
Easy Installation For Every Location
Lauco uses top-tier adhesive to mount onto a flat part of your dashboard, console or air vent. The adhesive is removeable, reusable and washable that can be used multiple times without fear of losing stickiness. It makes placement and repositioning easy and with no harm to your car. And it's built to withstand high temperatures in the sun too.
Lauco is one of the slimmest mounts you can with 35mm adhesive tray and 65mm in height. It's small in size compare with other car mounts you used, but powerful out of your image.
  • 65mm
  • 35mm
    Lower tray
  • 42mm
    Upper tray
Easy Cleaning With Water Only
Suction will be weaken when the Nano membrane is covered with dust. Lauco comes with a cover to protect the NanoSuction surface and extend its life. And you can clean and rejuvenate the NanoSuction surface by wiping it with a damp cloth or paper towel and allowing it to dry. You can also use cellophane tape for a waterless method to clean the dust.
Are You Still Using These Car Mounts?
Using phone navigation when driving is extreme common nowadays, but current car mounts are just not good enough.
  • Magnet car mount cause distortion to navigation and signal, or even damage your phone.
  • CD-slot-based holder is difficult to place and withdraw and some even cannot adjust view angle.
  • Traditional cumbersome cradle-style mount that may obstruct driver's view.
We've been working on a better solution and found Nano technology is a good fit in this area. So here we are, introduce Lauco, the most convenient car mount.
Double Axis Rotation
The flexibility of most car mounts is awful, especially for big screen phones. Through our innovational design we solve this problem for good. The double axis makes sure you get the right angle with 720 degree rotation design.

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