About Lauco

Who we are

Lauco™ Based in Room 313, Urban Shanhai Center, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen., Lauco Technology Limited was founded by a team of passion and creativity. We are specialized in designing and manufacturing USB-C accessories, mainly focus on Apple appliances, USB-C laptops, Android phones, and display devices.

We are aim to be one of worldwide hardware brand, to provide notable products, and customer services.

How to contact us

Our email is laucotechnology@gmail.com, welcome to send us an email, we will reply to your email within 12 hours.

Why we do

We strongly believe that technology should be developed to service people and easy our life. At Lauco™, we come up leading solutions and quality products over industry, to provide convenience usage experience according to the fast-paced lifestyle in the whole society. Pursuing high efficiency and original design is the key to make our team unique. Every product is made of the quality material and stunning manufacturing process, so that our customers could get better products and service.


Our service

Lifetime warranty

At the beginning of Lauco Technology Limited, we set lifetime warranty service policy to make sure that every customer could receive the good products to use them for years. This reminds us that every process and every component should be strictly tested before bringing products into markets.

100% Eco-packaging

All the packages for our products are recyclable, reusable, degradable. Our team not only focus on good products, we are also improving the way people who are trying to protect our environment. Lauco™ is undergoing innovated tech to reduce the damage to our plant. We, all could do better!