• What is the braid material of this cable?

We’ve incorporated Kevlar® K29 into the outer braid of our cables. to ensure cables that would outlast and continue to perform no matter what.Kevlar® has high tensile strength, heat resistance, and all around toughness which makes it the premier choice for any application that demands rugged strength and durability, whether it be body armor, aerospace components, or charging cables.

  • Does USB-C to Lightning cable pass Apple MFI certificated?

Yes. It has been tested and approved for iPhone/iPad/iPod/ Apple devices. It has been received certification and is sure to meet the specs for latest and future Apple iOS system. This ensures it does not have any issue at any latter date when in use between your phone and computer at any time. 

  • Does USB-C to USB-C cable full charge Macbook Pro?

  With eMarker chip, Lauco USB-C to USB-C  cable supports charging up to 20V/5A and up to 100W which is the fastest and stablest in current faster than Apple origianal USB-C cables.

  • Does the USB-C cable work with cellphone?

Lauco USB-C cable has been tested to work with USB-C cellphones. like Samsung Note 10/S10 for Syncing ,charging and Displaying(need MHL mode support) 

  • How Long is the cable?

There are  one length options: 3.3Feet/1m

  • What is the packing of this cable?

This box is 100% made from recycled paper that is recycled after consumption ,easy to open ,making it easier to liberate products from their packages while also reducing waste.